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Series: The Habitable Zone Unplugged

Goldilocks Paradox Unplugged: Characterizing Exoplanets (Part III)

Live Chat November 26th, 2018

Part 3 of a discussion between astronomers about the video Habitable Zone: Goldilocks Paradox.

How do we learn so much about what exoplanet are like? Can astronomers today actually detect water on these distant worlds? Find out more about the science behind the search for a habitable exoplanet in the episode The Habitable Zone: Goldilocks Paradox (featuring Cas Anvar, Cara Gee, and Parry Shen).

Watch Goldilocks Paradox Unplugged: Behind the Sci-Fi (Part I) and Goldilocks Paradox Unplugged: Art vs. Science (Part II).

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