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About Universe Unplugged

Explore the universe of astronomy with videos that entertain and inform! Universe Unplugged presents the science in both playful videos rooted in real astronomy and a monthly “Live Chat” with astronomers.

Live Chats – Check in regularly to find out when the next live chat will be hosted on Facebook and YouTube, then join in and ask your own questions! We feature a different topic every month, and the entire archive is available for any you missed.

Videos – The stories are fiction but the science is real! Featured celebrities (from shows like “Star Trek,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Expanse,” “General Hospital”) as they have fun flying around the universe or playing with strange technology, and learning something in the process.

Visualizations – Watch stunning visualizations of amazing nebulas and galaxies based on real NASA observations that have been turned into 3D spectacles.

Explore More – Each video is posted with a variety of additional resources useful for educators as well as viewers just wanting to learn more about the covered topics.

About Universe of Learning

Universe Unplugged is part of NASA’s Universe of Learning project. The goal is to create shows that appeal to a broad audience of lifelong learners of all ages, with a special focus on underserved communities in science. Produced at Caltech/IPAC in Pasadena, California, the videos integrate the talents of celebrities, astronomers, and educators, to communicate the wonders of the universe as revealed by NASA's many astrophysics missions. Videos are developed by an integrated team of subject matter experts, science visualization specialists, and outreach professionals spanning the institutions of NASA's Universe of Learning partnership.

Episodes by Series

AstroViz | 1 Episodes

These animations are based on real observations and scientific analysis of astronomical objects, which have been turned into striking three-dimensional representations.

The Habitable Zone | 3 Episodes

Think Tank | 2 Episodes

Universe Unplugged Live | 4 Episodes