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Ask the Astronomers Live - Gravity: The Ultimate Magnifying Glass

Featured Live Chat December 17th, 2020

How does the gravity of a cluster of galaxies magnify the far universe?

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Habitable Zone: Scorched Earth Enigma

News July 9th, 2019

What can turn a seemingly perfect ocean-rich planet into an uninhabitable desert wasteland? Two future space explorers (actors from "The Expanse") aim to find out in "The Habitable Zone: Scorched Earth Enigma," a science grounded sci-fi video from the NASA’s Universe of Learning project. While the story is a work of fiction, the ideas are pulled directly from current exoplanet science and vetted by astronomers and education specialists.

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Explore Exoplanets with NASA and Stars of 'The Expanse' & 'General Hospital'

News February 6th, 2019

Actors from the acclaimed sci-fi TV series “The Expanse” team up with Parry Shen of “General Hospital” to search for potentially habitable planets beyond our solar system in a new educational video series called “The Habitable Zone.” The videos introduce audiences to the science of exoplanets and their potential for habitability through a framework of short science fiction stories.